Dresner’s 2012 Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study

The latest edition of Dresner’s Wisdom of Crowds report, which rates and ranks world’s foremost BI vendors, was released. Much like other similar reports published by Gartner or Ovum, it compares and analysis market place trends throughout 2011 and assesses user perception towards BI for the coming year. A full copy of the report can be downloaded from HERE.

The study divides vendors into four groups (again, much like other advisory services companies e.g. Gartner, Ovum etc.) based on their performance, market share, growth and innovation. The attributes of the BI products analyzed include value, quality and usefulness of the product, integrity, quality of technical support, value of consulting services etc. For this report Dresner surveyed close to 900 respondents from a wide array of geographies e.g. North and Latin Americas, Asia Pacific and professional functions e.g. IT, Finance, Sales, R&D or Management.

A summary analysis based on 8 key criteria for each of the group members  i.e. titans, pure-plays, high-growth and emerging vendors can be found below:

BI Emerging Vendors

BI High Growth Vendors

BI Established Pure-plays Vendors

BI Titans 


There are few outright conclusion that jump out looking at the data behind this study:

  • Globally, functional alignment (and adoption) of Business Intelligence remains nearly evenly split between the IT Department (45%) and various business functions. Increasingly, functions other than Finance and Sales and Marketing have grown in their adoption of Business Intelligence.
  • Very large implementations of Business Intelligence solutions (more than 1,000 users) remain unchanged since 2010, with most implementations ranging between one and one hundred users. While there has been expansion and growth in recent years, still only a minority of users within most organizations have access to BI.
  • Related technology initiatives, with the greatest priority (and investment), include traditional areas such as: “Dashboards”, “End user ‘self service’”, and “Data warehousing”. Hot areas such as “Advanced Visualization”, “Data mining and advanced algorithms” and “Mobile device support” also topped the list.
  • Three of four Business Intelligence market segments showed growth in numbers of new deployments over 2011. This includes “Titans”, “Large Established Pure-plays” and “High Growth” segments.
  • While most measures of industry performance declined somewhat over 2011, a majority of users believe vendor integrity is “good” or “excellent”.
  • The proliferation of multiple BI tools continues to accelerate as line of business independently invests in solutions. Nearly half of the largest organizations reported the use of four or more tools.

Overall, it is a very thorough and compelling read for any Business Intelligence professional, regardless of the vendor-specific skill set that one may have an expertise in. For a detailed review of each of the vendors and how they stack up in the current market download a complete copy of the report HERE.



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