What is Data Visualization?

As data visualization is still new, we find ourselves explaining what it is rather often, especially that data visualization has become a new pluri-disciplinary domain, where different expertises blend and overlap. Sébastien Pierre (the founder of FFunction, a Montréal-based data visualization company) created a graphical representation of the essence for professional data visualization which depicts different aspects of a complete, visually rich solution.  The graph can be viewed HERE.

Below are the details of the different terms this model uses:

  • Fields: Design, Communication, Information and their mix: Visual Communication, Data journalism, User Interface
  • Raw elements: Look & Feel, Idea, Data
  • Disciplines: Journalism, Information Architecture, Typography
  • Process elements: Visual Design, Objective, Dataset
  • Outputs: Layout, Story, Report, Data Analysis, Dashboard, Interface
  • Final result: Form, Concept, Knowledge
  • Core competencies: Readability, Logic, Usability
  • Core values: Simplicity, Informativeness, Relevance

Also, if you are interested in some really good samples of visualization and infographics the following link (Click HERE) has some of the best examples of what you can do to picture data is a rich and visually appealing way.


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