2012 Technology Trends Predictions by CIO.com (Analytics among top 3)

Hey, what do you know? We have just started 2012 but online Tech and IT news sites are not wasting any time to roll out their vision of what will become a hot trend this year. CIO’s article (link here) dated 3rd January claims that, just as last year, the push towards most enterprise-rewarding (think ROI) and future proof (think your job demand) technologies will revolve around Mobile Computing, Cloud and Analytics.

Basically, nothing has changed since 2011 and we are still experiencing mobile bubble driven by anything that’s hand-held and portable as well as the proliferation of the big “C” word for storage and off-site processing. Data analytics and BI is also among the three top trends (particularly in context of social networking and big data) which is excellent news for all of us out there who have a passion for information and analytics. As more businesses are cutting IT spending and tighten the corporate budget, those technologies which can either enable the company to keep up with its competitors or bring value to its operation will continue to receive both corporate attention and capital injections over 2012. BI and data analytic emerge as one of those realms which not only provide operational value but also give the business a strategic tool in dealing with the increasing customer and market demands.

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